Window N3

St. Peter, Dowling Memorial

The figure of St. Peter is depicted with his back to the viewer in one-quarter profile, looking back over his shoulder and pointing upwards with his left hand. He stands with his left foot on a step. In his right hand he holds what appears to be a large key, which is an attribute of the saint.

The inscription, which was contained in the Circular plaque in the ventilator panel is missing. According to the La Farge Catalogue Raisonné records, it read “PETER / APOSTOLE OF / JESUS CHRIST / PET. 1:1” The verse is the introduction of the apostle in his first epistle.

The dedication, in the top of the window, reads, “IN MEMORY OF / 1807 JOHN DOWLING 1878”.

There is one study for the window showing the whole architectural surround.1

NOTE: The original cames (lead framework) for this window are framed and are on display in the Assembly Hall. 

© 1995, Julie L. Sloan, used with permission

  1. It is in the collection of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.
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