Window N1

“St. John the Evangelist,”
Evans Memorial

The window depicts a young man in three-quarter profile with his right hand on his breast and his left holding his robes while he gazes upward. Hi is shown with no attributes.

The inscription reads, “THE / DISCIPLE WHOM / JESUS LOVED / JOHN 21:20”. The dedication is located around the top of the arch and reads, “IN MEMORY OF / CHARLES EVANS AND MARTHA SCRIVEN EVANS / MISSIONARIES TO SUMATRA 1819 – 1827”

Two of La Farge’s sketches for the window exist, showing the figure in two different poses. The one that was unused shows the figure holding a book, his left shoulder toward the viewer and left arm across his body; he looks out at the viewer. The other sketch is the window as executed.1

  1. These sketches are in private collections in New York.
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