Window e4

Window_E4_St_Anthony“St. Anthony”,
Walton Memorial

This window which was being worked on in 1895 and was probably installed in 1986, depicts St. Anthon (Abbot, as opposed to St. Anthony of Padua) as an elderly, bearded man with a staff in his right hand and reading a book in his left. Behind him the intense blue sky is studded with white clouds. St. Anthony was an Egyptian hermit who lived in the third and fourth centuries AD.

St. Anthony Abbot is usually depicted as an old man. As the father of monasticism, he is often shown wearing monks’ robes, although in this window, his garments are not especially monk-like. (St. Anthony of Padua is most often depicted in Franciscan robes, tonsured and shaved.) Anthony Abbot is often shown with a crutch or stick to signify his great age (he was 105 at the time of his death), and usually with a bell an the letter T ( for “Theos” or God), although neither of these latter attributes are in the window.

In La Farge’s records, the window is referred to as the “Pilgrim” and La Farge’s account book records a payment of $10.50 to his painter, Juliette Hanson, for a replacement head for the window in January, 1895.1

According to the La Farge Catalogue Raisonné, the figure is identical to a window done for St. Anthony’s Hall at Yale University in 1896. The Judson window is thought to predate the Yale window. Two sketches for each window exist. Of the Judson sketches, one is the saint without any background, and the other shows him against the vivid blue sky; neither shows the architectural surround. The Yale sketches show the same figure, but set in an architectural setting that is quite different from Judson’s.

The inscription reads: “FOR HERE / HAVE WE NO / CONTINUING CITY / BUT WE SEEK/ ONE TO COME.” The verse is Hebrews 13:14; we do not know whether this is recorded in the window, although we suspect that it is.

The dedication reads, on the left” “IN MEMORY OF”; in the center, “JOHN B. WALTON / 1810 – 1870”; and on the right, “AND HIS WIFE / REBECCA A. WALTON / 1810 – 1881”.

© 1995, Julie L. Sloan, used with permission

  1. La Farge’s account books are in the La Farge Family Papers, Sterling Library, Yale University. The references were generously provided by the La Farge Catalogue Raisonné.


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