Third stair landing window

The window on the third stair landing is a set of three double-hung sash. The center set is 58-1/4” wide, sight-size, and the side sets are 22-5/8” wide, sight size. The both upper and lower sash are about 24-1/2” tall.

The composition is geometric, with decorative motifs on turquoise center fields, surrounded by a white border imitative of alabaster. The white borders have beaded moldings in their centers. Outside the white borders are borders of mossy amber-green, with a yellow fillet at the outer edge.

The center panel of the upper center sash contains a simple abstract flower motif made of jewels. The upper side panels have red Greek crosses with a cabochon jewel at the center.

The center panel of the lower center sash contains only a green plaque. The lower side panels have a large red diamond at the center, with four green circles outside it in the corners of the rectangular turquoise field

There is no inscription or dedication in this window.

© 1995, Julie L. Sloan, used with permission

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