The rich aspects of Judson Church’s history appeared in  many books and articles – far too many to cite here. But we provide some significant works by Judson “insiders” for your pleasure here:

A Voice in the Village by Howard Moody (Xlibris  2009) is Howard’s own recounting of his 35-year career as Judson’s minister, 1956-90. [Read more.]

Remembering Judson House, edited by Judson members Ellie and Jerry G. Dickason (Judson Church, 2000), published just before this iconic “parish house” was demolished, collects personal recollections from residents in its diverse 100-plus years, when it housed at various times hotel staff, a children’s medical clinic, students, artists, runaways, church staff and more. [Read more.]

Abortion Counseling and Social Change by Arlene Carmen and Howard Moody (Judson Press 1973) tells the story of the national network they founded in 1967, the “Clergy Consultation Service on Abortion,” which helped desperate women find safe and compassionate abortions before Roe v. Wade. Arlene Carmen was program associate at Judson, 1967-94. [Read more.]

Ministers of a Higher Law by Joshua Wolff (1998) is a study of the Clergy Consultation Service on Abortion from an observer’s perspective 25 years after its founding. Josh Wolff is a Judson Sunday School alumnus (now with a PhD in history from Columbia University); this study grew from his college senior thesis. [Read more.]

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