Judson Arts Wednesdays

The Judson Arts Wednesdays setup is simple: No proselytizing, no processed food, no cover charge; just free food, free art, and open space.

We believe that, just as food sustains the body, art sustains the soul.
We also believe that artists have the potential to change us by serving as our modern day prophets; they show us where we’ve been, they show us who we are, and they show us what we could become. We don’t take ourselves, the food, or the art too seriously, and that’s how it all thrives.

So, every Wednesday, Judson opens its doors to all and dissolves the barrier between artist and audience. Each free evening offers artists the time and space to tell their stories, and gives audiences the chance to eat, drink, and co-create with the artists and with one another.

Judson Arts Wednesdays Humanifesto

Art can be prophetic.
We believe that artists have the potential to serve as modern-day prophets and that the art they create shows us where we’ve been, who we are, and what we can become, thereby nudging us toward collaborative horizons.

Art can be useless.
We believe that art is an end in itself that need not exhibit any “value” beyond its simple and profound existence as an authentic and ecstatic creative offering by an authentic, ecstatic, and creative human being.

Art can be sacred.
We believe that art brings us together and invites us to ritualize our everyday lives, that it allows us to stop, explore, reevaluate, and change, and that it is expressly anti-capitalistic in the mere fact that it is often counterproductive, inefficient, and unquantifiable.

Art can be irreverent.
We believe that art works best when it doesn’t take itself too seriously, welcomes failure with joy, and gives voice to the silly, the foolish, the terrified, the damaged, and the outcast (meaning all of us).

Art can be cheap.
We believe that art should be made anywhere, at anytime, by and with anyone and anything, and that it should cost very little to gather and playfully explore and explode the space between sacredness and irreverence.

Art can be enough.
We believe that art is, at its absolute best, simply storytelling, that we tell ourselves stories in order to live, and that this makes art absolutely, without a doubt, and without any qualifications, enough.



(First Wednesdays)
Judson Arts’ longest-running populist art and food program provides a full, free potluck-style meal cooked by our volunteer corps and served at 7:15pm, followed by a free music, dance, or spoken word performance on the Meeting Room or in The Loft. [Read more.]


(Second Wednesdays)
Judson Arts regular Amanda Duarte hosts a curated lineup of writers and musicians showcasing their “Dead Darlings,” pieces that have been cut, abandoned, and shunned, until now. In the rambunctious, welcoming environment of our Loft, these wonky works of art are given the chance to unapologetically shine for one brief moment, before going back in the drawer (or not?). [Read more.]


(Third Wednesdays)
Judson Arts’ playwright development program selects one writer or writing team each month, offering 15 hours of free rehearsal time and space, and culminating in a Loft party packed with drinks, food, and a brand-spanking-new play (or thing that looks nothing like a play). The art is often raw and unready, just how we like it. [Read more.]



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