First Stair Landing Window

The window on the first stair landing is a set of three double-hung sashes. The center set is 57-1/2” wide, sight-size, and the side sets are 24-1/8: wide, sight size. The upper sashes are approximately 34” tall and the lower are 35”.

The outer sets have a wide decorative border around a plain, unornamented field. The left set is missing having been stolen in the 1970s.

The center set bears the inscriptions with a guilloche border. The upper sash has a Chi Ro in the center. On the right side of the Shi Ro, the inscription reads, “IN MEMORY / RANDALL / THE BELOVED.” On the right side, it reads,, “OF MATTHEW / TREVOR / PHYSICIAN / COL IV XIV”. The inscription is to be read across the Chi Ro: “In memory of Matthew Randall Trevor, the beloved physician”. The reference is to Paul’s Epistle to the Colossians; the verse in the Bible referred to Luke.

In the lower center sash, there is a Greek cross in the center. It is flanked by an Alpha on the left and the Omega on the right.

The window is by John La Farge. Two sketches for it are known, although their locations are not.

(NOTE: The two left panels were stolen. They have been replaced by opaque painted replicas of the original panels.)

© 1995, Julie L. Sloan, used with permission

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